SMC TriRaptor 3 Phase Primary Injection Test System

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The SMC TriRaptor 3 Phase Primary Injection Test System has modern inline relays that feature numerous functional options and user-selectable settings, and which use the line’s power to operate, so they cannot be easily tested with single-phase injection. The TriRaptor produces a stable and accurate output of up to 9 kA with 120º between phases, and can measure operation time by monitoring the relay’s tripping output or directly the current flow. Single- and three-phase protective functions in low, medium, and high voltage circuit breakers can be now easily tested, thanks to its wide current range, 3 kVA output power, and pre-selectable current values.

With the TriRaptor, trip time is automatically measured even when a secondary protective device e.g. a relay cannot be accessed for testing. Connect the three-phase output to both ends of a busbar and let it maintain a pre-defined test current while you browse the entire installation for inaccuracies and possible connection mistakes, quickly and safely, using harmless voltage.

For single phase testing, check out the SMC Raptor C-05 Primary Injection Test System.