Sunsight AAT-08 Microwave Path Alignment Kit

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Rent Sunsight Instruments AAT-08 Antenna Alignment Tool
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Sunsight Instruments AAT-08
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The Sunsight AAT-08 Microwave Path Alignment Kit is specifically designed to achieve a highly accurate positional path alignment, and will make microwave antenna installations fast and accurate -- saving valuable time and money. Installation engineers can now conduct key tests and reporting with improved accuracy. The Sunsight AAT-08 is designed to be flexible and cost-efficient, to address user needs. There is no product in the same class as the Sunsight AAT-08 for delivering accurate field measurements. With an accuracy of .08 degrees RMS in azimuth and .1 degree in Tilt and Roll, the Sunsight AAT-08 is by far the highest precision alignment tool of its type. The standard Sunsight AAT-08 housing can accept custom mounts designed and built by Sunsight or accept customer supplied mounts that attach directly to the housing’s mounting points. The Sunsight AAT-08 alignment reports are accepted by all major US carriers as well as many international carriers. 
Sunsight Instruments AAT-08 Features
  • Align Microwave backhaul antennas in minutes instead of hours or even days
  • Alignment of your microwave links has never been faster or easier
  • Each all inclusive kit includes two alignment units to allow simultaneous alignment of both sides of the link in minutes
  • Azimuth, tilt, roll, height and geographic location (Lat/Long)
  • No additional software, post processing, or cables are required
  • Proven to align backhaul antenna links up to 150 miles
Sunsight Instruments AAT-08 Specs
Azimuth R99* .24°
Azimuth RMS* .08°
Tilt/Roll .1°
Position 30 cm w/SBAS
Altitude With LRF 30 cm (AGL)
GPS Receiver 540 channel
Satellite Constellations GPS and GLONASS
Type LiFePO4
Life 8-9 hrs
Charge Time 1.5 hrs
Charger 100-240VAC
Unit 5.4 lbs
Mount 4 lbs
Unit Dimensions 42.1"x3.8"x1.7"
Environment and Connectivity 
Op Temp -40°C to 70°C
Storage Temp -40°C to 85°C
Humidity 95%
Communications 802.11b,g,n
Output PDF, CSV, HTML, Proprietary encrypted format
Memory 8 GB
Industry Certifications CE and FCC