Sunsight MW15 RF/Microwave Path Alignment Kit

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The Sunsight MW15 RF/Microwave Path Alignment Kit is the most versatile of the antenna alignment products in Sunsight’s product portfolio. The Sunsight MW15 Path Alignment Kit is an all-in-one alignment solution that includes the most advanced microwave alignment system in the market. Sunsight MW15 RF/Microwave Path Alignment Kits have revolutionized how Microwave Antenna links are aligned. MW15 Microwave Alignment Kits are self-contained alignment systems for aligning microwave links at any line-of-sight distance. These patented systems calculate the required path alignment, including both azimuth and elevation, in real-time using the exact GPS location of both ends of the microwave link. Additional advantages to the Sunsight MW15 are that no active radio transmission is needed on the path being aligned, so removal of the radio or coax is not required. The Sunsight MW15 kits are also completely frequency independent. They are an overlay solution working from the exact GPS locations of the antennas; each of the MW units automatically calculates the required azimuth and elevation.