Tektronix J16 Digital Photometer/Radiometer

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Rent Tektronix J16 Digital Photometer/Radiometer
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Tektronix Test Equipment J16
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J16 Datasheet Supplemental Document
The Tektronix J16 Digital Photometer/Radiometer is a portable digital photometer/radiometer capable of making a wide variety of fight measurements-in the laboratory, in the field, or on the production 11oor. A J16 System consists of a J16 mainframe, and one of eight detachable probes which can be either mounted on the J16 or on the end of an extension cable. All probes have a Hold switch which allows the displayed reading to be held.
Tektronix Test Equipment J16 Features
  • Digital LED Readout
  • Eight Silicon Sensor Probes
  • Quickly Interchange Without Recalibration
  • Accurate Spectral and Cosine Corrections
  • AC or Internal Rechargeable Battery Versions
Tektronix Test Equipment J16 Specs
  • Display: 3½ digit LED readout and three LEDs automatically indicating correct units for probe in use
  • Integration Time: approx. 100 ms


  • Standard: has internal rechargeable NiCad batteries that require 16 hours for a full charge.  For continuous-operation an ac power supply is recommended

  Probe Range Spectral Response Acceptance Angle
Illuminance J6511 0.001 to 1999 footcandles CIE photopic curve Cosine corrected (180°)
Irradiance J6502-A/J6512-A 0.001 to 1999 microwatts/cm² Flat within ±7% from 600 to 950nm; 450-600 is ±8% 50% sensitivity at 48° off axis
Luminance J6503 0.1 to 199,900 footlamberts CIE photopic curve
J6523 0.1 to 19,990 footlamberts
Uncorrected J6504 Relative response only UV enhanced silicon spectral curve (250 to 1200 nm) 50% sensitivity at 48° off axis
Red LED J6505 0.001 to 1999 footcandles CIE photopic curve from 600 to 710 nm
Green/Yellow LED J6501 0.001 to 1999 footcandles CIE photopic curve 50% sensitivity at 48° off axis
J6511 - Illuminance Probe
  • Highway illumination
  • Luminaries and lamps
  • Workstation illumination
  • Studio lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Lighting equipment


J6502-A / J6512-A - Irradiance Probes
  • Laser research
  • Display color balancing
  • Radiant efficiency
  • Infrared LED testing


J6503 - 8° Luminance Probe
  • TV and computer display screens
  • Work surface illumination
  • Signal illumination
  • Projection screens


J6523 - 1° Luminance Probe
  • Roadway lighting
  • TV and computer display screens
  • Photographic equipment testing
  • Glare and contrast measurement


J6505 - Red LED Probe
  • Output of red LEDs (600-710 nm)


J6501 - Illuminance Probe
  • For yellow and green LEDs