inTEST ThermoStream ECO-810-M Temperature Forcing System

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The inTEST ThermoStream ECO-810-M Temperature Forcing Device is a silent, 20 A/60 Hz forcing system that can go from -55° to 125° C in about 10 seconds. The ThermoStream does not require yearly leak testing because the device's gas charge stays below the EU 517/2014-specified CO2 equivalent cap for greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to WhisperStream technology, these temperature forcing devices also automatically lower their power consumption when they are not in use and make only 56 dBA of noise. The inTEST ThermoStream measures a model's resistance to high heat, cold, and humidity. The inTEST ThermoStream ECO-810-M has several capabilities, including semiconductor testing, failure analysis, and device characterization.

The ThermoStream also has a wider range of applications in PCB and electronic sub-assembly testing. The inTEST Thermostream systems offer two temperature outputs for control, measured at the thermal head or directly at the DUT, and remote connections via IEEE 488 and RS-232. Thermostream is made for quick and accurate thermal conditioning of printed circuit boards, hybrids, modules, subassemblies, and components.