inTEST ATS Thermostream Advanced Temperature Source Series

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The inTEST ATS THERMOSTREAM® Advanced Temperature Source are used in a variety of temperature testing and conditioning applications. From their traditional applications in semiconductor testing, failure analysis, and device characterization to their broader use in PCB and electronic sub-assembly testing, the inTEST ATS series has a system with the temperature capabilities to meet your needs. Some models are designed for 60Hz operation only and others for 60Hz/50Hz, these Advanced Temperature Sources are for fast and precise thermal conditioning of components, parts, hybrids, modules, subassemblies, and printed circuit boards.
The inTEST ATS is capable of ultra-low temperatures without the use of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) or Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2), or compressed air. This high-quality temperature forcing system offer an innovative temperature testing solution that allows you to perform device, board, and module testing right where you need it – at your test bench, in your production facility, or in your lab. The speed, precision, and portability of our new systems combined with a broader temperature range and capacity have resulted in the most comprehensive line of Temperature Forcing System ever – the inTEST ATS THERMOSTREAM®.

The inTEST ATS Series has a large selection of models to choose from: inTEST ATS-635inTEST ATS-645inTEST ATS-730inTEST ATS-870.