Thermonics T-2500SE Temperature Forcing Systems

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The Thermonics T-2500SE Temperature Forcing Systems, -90 to 225 °C provides advanced temperature testing capabilities. The system transitions air temperature between +125C and -55C in as little as 4 seconds and has a wide temperature range of -90C to +225C; encompassing the requirements of both production and engineering environments. Single-stage mechanical refrigeration eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen or any other consumable refrigerants. To ensure the use of clean, dry air, the Thermonics T-2500SE uses a built-in air dryer that removes water vapor and particles from the compressed air source. This heatless air dryer lowers the dew point of the source air to approximately -80C.

Thermonics T-2500SE Temperature Forcing Systems are field proven for durability, performance, and reliability. The system can be relied upon for use in around-the-clock production environments.