Rohde & Schwarz PR100 Portable Receiver

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The Rohde & Schwarz PR100 Portable Receiver is a radio-monitoring device with a frequency range of 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz. Able to detect interference, monitor emissions, and more, the PR100 helps operators complete several testing requirements, and this portable monitoring receiver provides technicians with user-friendly and innovative applications to make the testing process more efficient.
The PR100 has a wide frequency range, a real-time bandwidth of 10 MHz, and a large 6" color display. The display is easy-to-use with intuitive settings and selectable resolution from 0.1° or 1°, and the software is straightforward to navigate. The device has efficient operation applications, fast panorama scanning, and automated direction finding capabilities, making the Rohde & Schwarz PR100 ideal for RF interference hunting.
The Rohde & Schwarz PR100 Portable Receiver is compact and easy to use in the field. The device uses AM, FM, PULSE, I/Q demodulation modes. With an impedance of 50 Ω, multiple scan modes, and R&S®PR100-Control remote control software, the Rohde & Schwarz PR100 is a reliable and accurate tool for detecting, locating, classifying, and analyzing RF interference.
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