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The Narda SignalShark 3310 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer is a handheld signal analysis device designed for the detection, classification, and localization of RF signals between 8 kHz and 8 GHz by Narda Safety Test Solutions. These signal analyzers are ideal for RF interference hunting and both mobile and stationary use. The SignalShark 3310 main unit is compatible with Narda's both directional and fully-automatic DF antennas.

Narda SignalShark signal analyzers can detect the lowest signals even in the presence of very strong signals by combining high sensitivity with a wide intermodulation-free dynamic range. An automatic DF antenna (ADFA) enables the SignalShark to determine the direction of a detected signal in less than a second. High sensitivity to signals means the SignalShark can locate and demodulate even signals that originate from long distances.

Whether you are in the lab or out in the field, you will have the right analysis tool in hand with the Narda SignalShark. You will be convinced by its truly outstanding RF performance, as well as by its easily understood, application-oriented operating concept. The high real-time bandwidth with very high FFT overlapping ensures that you can reliably capture even extremely brief and infrequent events. The unusually fast scan rate results in very short measurement times even if you need to cover wider frequency bands than the real-time bandwidth.

Narda's comprehensive evaluation tools make sure that you can perform current and future measurement and analysis tasks up to laboratory instrument standards reliably, simply, and faster.

The Narda SignalShark 3310 Signal Analyzer is compatible with the Narda Automatic DF 1 and Automatic DF 2 Basic Sets.