A 20 MHz Bandwidth Can't Stop Narda's Correct Measurements of 5G Networks

A 20 MHz Bandwidth Can't Stop Narda's Correct Measurements of 5G Networks

Narda Safety Test Solutions has a good grasp on the importance of 5G networks. That's why they have made sure the SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter delivers accurate measurements, even when the bandwidth drops to 20 MHz. Along with new updates, datasheets, and a look at the SignalShark Series helping in all branches of the military, Narda is off to a busy start in 2021.

A Low Bandwidth is No Problem for the Narda SRM-3006

Correct measurement of 5G networks with a bandwidth of “only” 20 MHz? Won’t something fall by the wayside?

It almost sounds like trying to get a camel through the eye of a needle.

Joking apart, 5G networks boast a bandwidth of up to 100 MHz, even 400 MHz in the FR2 frequency range. The SRM-3006 with its 20 MHz / 32 MHz maximum measurement bandwidth is pretty well-armed as a handheld analyzer. But how can it be used to measure these new services correctly? Is it even possible?

Certainly. There’s no such thing as can’t! The solution is easy to find thanks to the video below. In fact, it could be said that the SRM could do 5G before 5G even existed. And it’s not even an optional extra, but a regular feature.

Impossible? Not the case for this radiation meter! Even with a low bandwidth, the Narda SRM-3006 continues to be reliable.

An Application Note is also available for the device. This update covers all the code-selective measurement features of the SRM.

Narda's SRM-3006 with a probe attached.

If you’re not sure whether a broadband or selective measuring device is the right one for you, ask your ATEC sales partner to advise you.

A Shark in Camouflage

Stop imagining things because defense is serious business.

Can the SignalShark be useful to our armed forces? You might immediately think of the Navy when sharks are mentioned (although sharks and sailors don’t mix).

Actually, the SignalShark is capable of doing its thing in all branches of the military.

In other words, it’s a fish for all seasons. Read all about it in Military Technology magazine.

The Narda SignalShark Series.

The SignalShark Series is used in all branches of the military.

If reading seems rather dry and would rather experience testing the Narda SignalShark yourself, get in touch with your sales partner. Prepare to be impressed!

Software Updates and New Datasheets:

Software Updates: An update for the Area Monitor AMB-8059 software is available here on the Narda website.

There is also a new software update for the selective Area Monitor AMS-8061, which you can find here.

Note: You must register on the Narda website to download software.

New Datasheets: The datasheet for the AMB-8059 is also updated and available for download here, along with updates to the AMB-8059 CMK datasheet here.

A new datasheet with all the important information about the compact Field Measuring Sensor EHP-200A is now available here.

Seminars: The seminar “Exposure measurements on wireless transmitters with the SRM-3006” is aimed at beginners, more experienced, and professional users in the field of selective measurement. You can register now for this seminar here.

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