AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


RTCA/DO-160 Section 10: Waterproofness Testing

Products Used in Testing:

Blue M Blue M 7780 Ultra-Temp Standard Temperature Convection Oven, 5.8 cu. ft.

The Blue M 7780 Ultra-Temp Standard High-Temperature Industrial Oven is ideal for annealing, heat treating, stress relieving, binder burn-out, ceramic firing, and several other high-temperature processes. This Blue M...

Blue M
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZPH Temperature & Humidity Chamber Series

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZPH series is a line of temperature/humidity chambers which are perfect for applications like basic temperature cycling or fast temperature cycling. Models of the ZPH series can be programmed to achieve...

Cincinnati Sub-Zero
Envirotronics Envirotronics Endurance Series Temperature & Humidity Chambers

The Endurance® Series from Envirotronics; the Temperature & Humidity chamber that stands alone. Designed and engineered to give you lasting value, performance and reliability for all your testing applications. The...

Fluke Calibration Fluke 6330 Compact Temperature Calibration Bath

This bath delivers all the high temperatures you need up to 300 °C (572 °F). With stability and uniformity at 300 °C better than ±0.015 °C and ±0.020 °C respectively, calibrations can easily be...

Fluke Calibration
Vaisala Vaisala HM70 Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter

The Vaisala HM70 Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter is designed for demanding humidity measurements in spot-checking applications. It is also ideal for field checking and calibration of Vaisala's fixed humidity...