Fluke 6330 Compact Temperature Calibration Bath

Rent Fluke 6330 Compact Temperature Calibration Bath
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Fluke Calibration 6330
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6330 Datasheet
This bath delivers all the high temperatures you need up to 300 °C (572 °F). With stability and uniformity at 300 °C better than ±0.015 °C and ±0.020 °C respectively, calibrations can easily be performed at this high temperature with total uncertainty better than ±0.05 °C. At lower temperatures, stability and uniformity are even better.

The 6330 is only 12 inches wide and less than 19 inches tall, so it fits easily onto a benchtop without consuming precious space. An optional cart with casters and a storage area raises the 6330 to a convenient height when used on a floor and provides an extra cabinet for lab supplies. With built-in handles, it even lifts easily onto and off of its cart or benchtop. No matter where you want to use this bath—or even if you want to move it around—the 6330 gets there hassle-free.
Fluke Calibration 6330 Specs
Range: 35 °C to 300 °C
Stability: ± 0.005 °C at 100 °C
(oil 5012)
± 0.010 °C at 200 °C (oil 5017)
± 0.015 °C at 300 °C (oil 5017)
Uniformity: ± 0.007 °C at 100 °C (oil 5012)
± 0.015 °C at 200 °C (oil 5017)
± 0.020 °C at 300 °C (oil 5017)
Heating Time: 250 minutes, from 35 °C to 300 °C (oil 5017)
Cooling Time: N/A