AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


RTCA/DO-160 Section 18: Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility – Power Inputs

Products Used in Testing:

AE Techron AE Techron 3110 Standards Waveform Generator

The AE Techron 3110  is a standards waveform generator which generates ripple wave forms of up to 300 kHz and equips technicians with a vast library of automotive and aviation test standards, holding a max capacity of 300...

AE Techron
AE Techron AE Techron 7224 Power Amplifier | DC - 300kHz, 900VA

The AE Techron 7224 Power Amplifier generates 900VA RMS of energy for high-power applications to 40kHz, with a small signal bandwidth of 20Vp-p to 300 kHz and 16A of DC power at 13.5 VDC. A single 7224 can output a 40ms pulse...

AE Techron
AE Techron AE Techron 7228 Linear Power Amplifier | 1000 W, 100kHz - 1MHz

The AE Techron 7228 Linear Power Amplifier produces 1000W RMS model AC power up to 20kHz, and for high-power applications, up to 100kHz. This model operates at a small signal bandwith of 8Vp-p to 1MHz and outputs 16A of DC...

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AE Techron AE Techron T2000 Low-Frequency Conducted Susceptibility Transformer

The T2000 Audio-Bandwidth Conducted Susceptibility Transformer was designed to meet or exceed the LF conducted susceptibility test requirements of DO 160 Section 18. The T2000 is used to apply the required test signals to the...

AE Techron
AE Techron AE-Techron 7796HC DC - 30 kHz Power Amplifier, 6600 Watts

The AE Techron 7796 amplifier is a high-powered, DC-enabled unit designed to provide clean, reliable power for gradient coils in magnetic resonance imaging systems or in applications that require both significant short-term...

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