Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-Plus Temperature & Humidity Chamber Series

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Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-Plus Temperature & Humidity Chambers create specified temperatures and humidity conditions in order to test the qualities of and serve as storage for products. For applications like basic temperature cycling or fast temperature cycling, the Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-plus is offered in several different incarnations. Models of the Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-Plus series can be programmed to achieve temperatures between 34°C and 190°C and contain workspace volumes ranging from 8 cubic feet to 64 cubic feet.

Z-Plus temperature and humidity chambers, or ZPH models, specialize in fast response humidity control, providing essential real-world humidity simulation. Technicians can choose from three refrigeration systems and a variety of performance packages to meet their refrigeration needs. Each refrigerant is environmentally safe, non-flammable and has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential. All Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-Plus models are equipped with EIA-22 and EIA-485 communications, Ethernet connectivity and an optional IEEE-488 GPIB interface.

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-Plus Temperature & Humidity Chamber Series includes the Z-Plus 8, Z-Plus 16, Z-Plus 32, Z-Plus 44Z-Plus 64 and Z-Plus 80.