Amplifier Research 2500A225B RF Power Amplifier

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The Amplifier Research 2500A225B RF Power Amplifier is a solid-state, self-contained, broadband amplifier engineered for instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and linearity applications. The AR 2500A225B is air-cooled using internal self-contained liquid cooling technology for high performance and reliability. When paired with a sweep generator, the Amplifier Research 2500A225B provides a minimum of 2500 watts of RF power. AR 2500A225B amplifiers are designed with a front panel gain control to allow users operation to program the desired output level. 

In addition, Amplifier Research 2500A225B models are equipped with a Digital Control Panel (DCP) giving users both local and remote control of the amplifier. An integrated color LCD touch screen displays the operation status and fault conditions if an overtemperature or power supply fault has occurred.