Amplifier Research 50U1000 CW Solid State Amplifier, 10KHz - 1 GHz, 50 Watts

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The Amplifier Research 50U1000 CW Solid State Amplifier is a sophisticated broadband amplification device which, when partnered with a sweep generator, delivers 50 W of RF power on a frequency response range of 10 kHz - 1000 MHz. A smooth, LCD touch screen and gain control capabilities empower technicians to have precise control over the AR 50U1000 amplifier's operation in a pleasing format. The front panel also indicates RF input overdrive protection is in place in the form of an RF input leveling circuit, which maintains the input level to the RF amplifier's first stage if RF input levels rise above 0 dBm. Technicians can also rely on the panel to indicate operating status and even fault conditions, alerting them to anomalies in the AR 50U1000's electrical system. Amplifier Research 50U1000 models are fully VSWR-tolerant and compliant with CE and RoHS testing requirements.