Amplifier Research FA7000 Series Electric Field Analyzer Kits

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Amplifier Research FA7000 series electric field analyzers measure modulated electric fields and CW electric fields at frequencies ranging from 100kHz to 60GHz, depending on the model. The AR FA7000 surpasses conventional probes with its 1.5 million samples per second sample rate and innovative design. Each FA7000 kit includes an isotropic field sensor which will sample the composite field and transmit its amplitude digitally, via optical fiber, to the included processor unit. The processor generates a web-based, oscilloscope-type display of power density or instantaneous field strength over time, calculating minimum, maximum and average field strength of the waveform displayed. FA7000 kits consist of an isotropic field sensor, a miniature tripod, glass fiber-optic cabling, a carrying case and a processor unit.
Model Frequency Range
Amplifier Research FA7006/Kit 100kHz–6GHz
Amplifier Research FA7218/Kit 2MHz–18GHz
Amplifier Research FA7040/Kit 2MHz–40GHz
Amplifier Research FA7060/Kit 2MHz–60GHz