Amplifier Research FL7018 Electric Field Probe

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The Amplifier Research FL7018 Electric Field Probe is a laser-powered e-field testing probe with a frequency range of 3 MHz to 18 GHz. A quick, extremely precise electric field measuring device, this model features microprocessor technology, allowing testing within a dynamic range of 60 dB. Noise reduction and temperature compensation capabilities allow the measurements to be taken at as low as 1 V/m. An isotropic response range of +1 dB to 8 GHz is produced when the probe is rotated on its magic-angle mount. The Amplifier Research FL70148 is equipped with three of Amplifier Research's signature Starprobes®, each possessing one of the internal microprocessors. This empowers each electric field probe to evolve in response to its environment via optimizing linearization, noise reduction, temperature compensation and development of communications functions. Laser-power technology eliminates the need to recharge or replace batteries when the Amplifier Research FL7018 runs out of juice. Technicians rent Amplifier Research FL70148 models to fulfill standards like IEC/EN 61000-4-3 for applications like monitoring electric field strengths in GTEMs, Anechoic Chambers and other RF measurement rooms for radiated immunity testing.