Amplifier Research FL7218 Electric Field Probe

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Amplifier Research FL7218 Electric Field Probe
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Amplifier Research FL7218
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FL7218 Datasheet
The Amplifier Research FL7218 Electric Field Probe is a laser-powered testing probe operating at a frequency range of 2 MHz - 18 GHz and generating power at 1000 V/m. The FL7218 is an extremely accurate electric field probe containing an internal microprocessor to provide linearization, temperature compensation, control, and communication functions. Noise reduction and temperature compensation allow accurate measurements to reduce down to 2 V/m with zero adjustment. Amplifier Research FL7218 Electric Field Probe devices' built-in microprocessor based linearization provides a 54 dB dynamic range, and when rotated about its ortho angle mount, the probe produces an isotropic response of ±1.5 dB to 18 GHz. The FL7218 is laser-powered, allowing for continuous operation without replacing batteries. This probe requires an FI7000 for power and communication. FM7004A is recommended for local monitoring and control. Correction factors are provided with the probe. Amplifier Research FL7218 probes communicate through glass fiber optic cables, up to 100 meters long, to the FI7000 interface, which produces a sleek and accessible display. X, Y, Z, and isotropic readings are returned through an FI7000 in 20 msec.
Amplifier Research FL7218 Features
  • 2MHz–18GHz
  • 2–1000 V/m
  • User–selectable X, Y, Z Axes
  • Laser powered via FI7000 interface
  • Probe Head Diameter of 65 mm (2.6 in) 
  • Approx. 150 g (5.3 oz) 
  • Fiber optic connectors included - two E2000 compact duplex connectors at 1 meter, includes fiber optic verification loop
  • Amplitude accuracy with correction factors applied = ±1.0 dB @ 10 MHz 
  • Operating Range of 2–1000 V/m
  • Damage Level of 1200 V/m CW