Amplifier Research FM5004 E and H Field Monitor

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 Amplifier Research FM5004 EandH Field Control Processor
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Amplifier Research FM5004
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The Amplifier Research FM5004 E and H field monitor provides readout, alarm and IEEE/RS232 interface to computerized systems. This unit communicates to all AR (Amplifier Research) field probes via fiber optic. It can handle up to four probes simultaneously whilst reading the data on a back-lit LCD display.

Operation is via a front panel menu selecting the appropriate probe, E or H and which of the three axes to be monitored. Other facilities allow monitoring of probe battery status, over range and data logging. There is also an analogue 0-5v o/p via BNC at the rear selectable for any probe. Unless specifically chosen alone the item is normally chosen along with the AR FP6001 Sensor.

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