Anritsu MT8212A Base Station Test Tool

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Anritsu MT8212A Base Station Test Tool
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Anritsu MT8212A
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Manual MT8212A Datasheet Supplemental Document
The Anritsu MT8212A is an all-in-one, rugged, handheld analyzer for the everyday technician to maintain and troubleshoot wireless base station systems. A single, lightweight, handheld, battery-operated package, the Anritsu Cell Master combines the functionality of a cable and antenna analyzer, spectrum analyzer, power meter, T1 and E1 analyzer.

This optimal combination of network test capability eases the job of a network technician by eliminating the need for several independent test instruments, and reducing the number of tools the technician must carry and learn to operate. The Anritsu MT8212A Cell Master is an easy-to-use and rugged solution that has been designed specifically for field-based network technicians and engineers.
Anritsu MT8212A Features
  • Menu driven interface and single keystroke functions reduce training for all measurements
  • Store/Recall 25 setup configurations and up to 200 traces
  • Built-in intelligence to ensure calibration is performed correctly
  • FlexCal™ allows troubleshooting cable and antenna systems without multiple calibrations and calibration setups
  • Built-in worldwide signal standards and frequency channels
  • No external power sensor required for power meter measurements
  • Multilingual user interface features on-screen menus and messages in 6 different languages

Accurate, Repeatable Measurements
  • Utilizes vector error correction in cable and antenna measurements
  • 130, 259 and 517 data points for optimal resolution and fault locations
  • Superior immunity to interference
  • < 500 msec per sweep to measurement speeds identify real time intermittent cable problems
  • ±0.5 dB typical amplitude accuracy power measurements
  • -135 dBm typical DANL

  • Handheld and light weight under 5 lbs (2.28 kg) including battery make it ideal to carry and to use in confined spaces
  • Field replaceable snap-in battery doubles test performance time

Rugged and Reliable
  • Operates in extreme cold and hot environments (-10°C to +50°C /14°F to 122°F)
  • Weather resistant seals and rubber membrane keypad protects unit from dirt and moisture
  • Withstands repeated drops and rough handling