Keysight N9912A FieldFox 6 GHz Cable/Antenna Analyzer (Agilent FieldFox N9912A)

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The Keysight N9912A FieldFox Cable and Antenna Analyzer (formerly Agilent FieldFox N9912A) is a handheld analyzer that proves both durable and versatile. The N9912A FieldFox analyzer offers a large frequency range from 2 MHz to 6 GHz and an impressive dynamic range of 72 dB. This device packages its many testing capabilities in a light and portable frame only weighing 6.2 lb (2.8 kg).

Despite its small size, the Keysight N9912A FieldFox Cable and Antenna Analyzer can conduct a variety of tests and network analyses. Vital cable and analysis tests for return loss, VSWR, cable loss, and distance-to-fault are all possible with this powerful device. The FieldFox N9912A delivers even greater functionality with vector network analysis, along with use as a spectrum analyzer and interference analyzer.

The Keysight N9912A FieldFox Cable and Antenna Analyzer remains fundamental for network analysis in any workspace. The handheld device promises a benchtop functionality while in the field, with all cable and antenna analysis available within its small frame. The CalReady system helps deliver immediate measurements easily found within its user-friendly interface. Test results are also made easy to read on the device's anti-glare 6.5-inch LCD display and LED backlight to see better in the day.

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