Viavi CA5000 CellAdvisor 5G Cable and Antenna Analyzer Module

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The Viavi CA5000 CellAdvisor 5G is a compact-sized modular cable and antenna analyzer that enables fast, reliable, and effective characterization and verification of cell site installation. The Viavi CA5000's optimal functionality, combined with the testing features of the CellAdvisor 5G platform, ensures that cell-site technicians complete comprehensive cell sites installation verification and maintenance in a super professional way. The cable and antenna analyzer (CAA) modules make it easy and effective to characterize and verify feed line systems and verify antenna or sector-to-sector isolation.

The Viavi CA5000 CellAdvisor 5G is easy-to-use, innovative, and comprehensive, making it the ideal field-portable solution to validate and deploy 5G radio access networks. Its combination of real-time spectrum analysis and 5G beam analysis, as well as the ability to test fiber, coax, and air interfaces, makes the Viavi CA5000 CellAdvisor 5G one of the most versatile cell site test solutions available. This instrument performs fiber connection, signal, and interference analysis quickly. With a user-friendly interface and cloud-enabled technology, users of the Viavi CA5000 can create reports and close projects with little fear of missing deadlines.