Anritsu S251B Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer

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The Anritsu S251B Site Master is the instrument of choice for transmission line/antenna installation and maintenance. It is the best way to reduce maintenance expenses and improve quality. It replaces stacks of heavy, expensive and complex test equipment. Site Master's frequency domain reflectometry technique allows it to find problems before they become catastrophic faults thereby creating a huge cost savings.

The Anritsu S251B Site Master is designed for measuring SWR, return loss, or one-port cable insertion loss and locating faulty RF components in antenna systems. Power monitoring is available as an option. The Anritsu S251B includes transmission gain or loss (S21) measurements and an optional built-in bias tee. The displayed trace can be scaled or enhanced with frequency markers or a limit line. A menu option provides for an audible “beep” when the limit value is exceeded. To permit use in low-light environments, the LCD can be back lit using a front panel key.