Wiltron / Antritsu S331B Cable and Antenna Analyzer

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Rent Wiltron / Antritsu S331B Cable and Antenna Analyzer
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The Anritsu S331B has been replaced by the Anritsu S331E.
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Frequency Range 25 to 3300 MHz
Frequency Accuracy (RF Source Mode) 75 parts per million @ 25°C
Frequency Resolution 100 kHz
Range 1.00 to 65.00
Resolution 0.01
Return Loss:  
Range 0.00 to 54.00 dB
Resolution 0.01 dB
Distance-To-Fault (DTF):  
Range (in meters) 0 to (Resolution x dp)
Resolution (in meters)

(1.5 x 10 8)(V f)

(Rectangular Windowing)


  Where Vf is the relative propagation velocity of the cable.
dp is the number of data points (128, 256, 512). 
deltaF is F2 - F1 (in Hz.)
Wattmeter Power Monitor:  
Range 80.0 to +80 dBm or10.0 pW to 100.0 kW
Offset Range 0 to +60.0 dB
Resolution 0.1 dB or 0.1 xW
Test Port, Type N 50 Ohms

Immunity to Interfering signals 
up to the level of:

5 dBm, reflection
Maximum Input (Damage Level):  
Test Port, Type N +22 dBm
RF Detector +20 dBm