LPD-3500 50Ω Log Periodic Dipole (Transmit & Receive)

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LPD-3500 50Ω Log Periodic Dipole (Transmit & Receive)
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ARA Technologies LPD-3500
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LPD-3500 Datasheet
All LPD antennas are linearly polarized. Polarization adjustment is possible, in any plane, with a universal joint. Standard LPD antennas are intended for relatively permanent installations. LPD series antennas operating below 400 MHz are also supplied in a kit form for compactness in packaging and ease of transportation. Antennas in the kit form assemble easily with minimum tool requirements. Log Periodics operating above 400 MHz are designed for end mount installations. The end support makes them ideally suited for use in high-gain, directional log periodic arrays.
ARA Technologies LPD-3500 Specs
  • MHz: 300 - 5000
  • dBi: 4.5
  • Back(dB): 18
  • Max: 2 : 1
  • CW: 5 W
  • Peak: 25 W
  • TYP E: 90 º
  • TYP H: 120º
  • Boom Length 16.5 "
  • Width: 20"
  • Weight: 1 lbs / .45 kg
  • Construction: Copper Clad
  • Mounting: Center
  • Connector Type: N female