Com-Power ANK-910L EMC Test Antenna Kit with Active Loop Antenna

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The Com-Power ANK-910L EMC Test Antenna Kit comes with an active loop antenna, along with a vast range of other receivers. The ANK-910L antenna kit also includes a collapsible biconical antenna offering a frequency range from 25 MHz to 300 MHz. The kit's compact log periodic antenna further improves that frequency range, stretching from 300 MHz to 1 GHz and is built for easy off-site EMC testing.

Other products within the Com-Power ANK-910L EMC Test Antenna Kit greatly improve EMC testing abilities. A high gain preamplifier also comes with the antenna kit, enhancing the measurement system sensitivity while testing for EMC compliance. With a comb generator also available to offer a broadband EMC signal source, it becomes much faster to perform EMC site testing.