Narda IDA Directional Log Periodic Antenna 3, 3100/13

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The Narda IDA Directional Antenna 3, 3100/13 is a log periodic antenna that provides a frequency range of 400 MHz to 6 GHz, covering the entire spectrum of mobile communications including LTE and WLAN, and also includes L, S, and C band radar, for example. Narda IDA log periodic antennas are the industry standard for EMC measurement. The IDA Directional Antenna 3, 3100/13 is optimized to give a largely constant directional characteristic over its entire frequency range from 400 MHz to 6 GHz. Antenna model number 3100/13 avoids the usual effects at high frequencies of broadening of the main lobe and the occurrence of significant side lobes. It achieves strong FM suppression of frequencies below 400 MHz.

IDA Directional Antenna 3 models are enclosed in a robust foam cover, which is virtually transparent for the electromagnetic field - in contrast to a hard-shell case. The antenna consists of an array of individual dipoles connected in opposite phase, with lengths and spacing decreasing towards the main direction. Depending on the frequency, an active zone forms as a phase center where the element length corresponds to about half the wavelength. The longer elements at the back cover the lower frequency range, with the phase center moving forward as the frequency increases. In this way, a pseudo frequency-independent antenna is obtained.

The Narda IDA Directional Log Periodic Antenna 3, 3100/13 is compatible with the Narda IDA-3106 Interference and Direction Analyzer Base Unit