Associated Research 293 Vibroground

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Associated Research 293 Vibroground
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Associated Research 293
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0-1000/10000 ohm 4 Point Ground / Earth Resistance Tester
Associated Research 293 Features
  • Self-contained synchronous vibrator, battery powered unit
  • Capable of measuring earth resistivity or the true resistance to earth of man-made grounds
  • Not affected by the resistance of the auxiliary probes or leads
  • Stray AC or DC currents in the earth do not detract from its accuracy
  • Four resistance ranges: 0 to 1 ohm, 0 to 10 ohms, 0 to 100 ohms, 0 to 1,000 ohms, 0 to 10,000 ohms
Associated Research 293 Applications
  • Four Electrode Method, for determination of average earth resistivity. The ranges provided in the instrument make possible accurate soil resistivity measurements from 0 to 1,915,000 ohms per cubic centimeter at 10 ft. or greater spacing
  • Three Electrode Method, for the measurement of resistance to earth of man-made grounds, anode resistance, polarization effects
  • Two Electrode Method, for the measurement of circuit resistance
  • Available with ground rods & cable set