BVS Giant Tortoise Multi-Band Transmitter

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The Berkeley Varitronics Systems Giant Tortoise Multi-Brand Transmitter is an 80W, 500 MHz -2700 MHz instrument with a power output of 37 to 50 dBm. The BVS Giant Tortoise is a portable, rugged, high-power transmitter system comprised of two independent modules giving the user freedom to transmit on any two unique frequency bands simultaneously without the need for additional transmitters, which may be expensive and bulky. The Giant Tortoise features dynamically-controlled Class AB amplifiers for clean signal outputs of up to 80 watts with VSWR protection.

The BVS Giant Tortoise transmitter can generate up to its watt capacity worth of power input for 3G, 4G, and 5G buildouts. Weighing less than 50 lbs. and sporting built-in rugged transport wheels, BVS Giant Tortoise is compact enough to avoid being obstructive. The Giant Tortoise is equipped with built-in thermal overheat protection circuitry with quad cooling fans to protect against overheating during operation. Remote adjustments include power level, channel or frequency assignment and the ability to transmit on and off via USB connected to any PC.