Consultix 5G Portable CW Transmitter

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The Consultix 5G Portable CW Transmitter is a handheld RF signal generator that provides simplicity to microwave test scenarios pertinent to 5G applications with frequency ranges from 25 GHz to 28.6 GHz. The RF performance of the Consultix 5G makes it ideal for field applications and laboratory settings. With an unprecedented output power level of up to 20 dBm, the transmitter exceeds past power levels reached by traditional bench-top signal generators.

The Consultix 5G portable CW transmitter is engineered for ease of operation through its several features. Among them are the ergonomic form factor, direct user control through two buttons, LCD screen, and low power consumption. These features draw from commercial power banks for maximum field convenience and flexibility. With output power higher than typical bench-top equipment and lower power consumption, the user gets more efficiency for less than other similar products.