PCTEL Public Safety Network Testing Solution - P25

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The PCTEL Public Safety Network Testing Solution combines the PCTEL SeeHawk Touch software and the PCTEL IBflex scanning receiver to simplify the test planning and data collection process. Many jurisdictions require building owners to verify public safety network coverage in order to acquire or maintain occupancy permits. Public safety network testing must satisfy stringent requirements. PCTEL Public Safety Network Testing Solution test kits perform efficient in-building coverage verification for such requirements, including P25, LTE/FirstNet, TETRA, Analog LMR, and other first responder radio systems. The PCTEL Public Safety Network Testing Solution's in-building grid-based testing tool automatically generates reports that conform to most common public safety coverage requirements, as specified by NFPA and IFC standards.

Package Model #: 9500-05
Public Safety Netwrk Test P25 Phase 1 & Phase 2, 10Mhz-3.8GH