BMT USA Climacell ECO Series Stability Chamber

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The BMT USA Climacell ECO Series Stability Chamber is a temperature and humidity unit that creates and controls both settings for long periods. All temperature chambers in the Climacell ECO Series have a wide temperature range, from 0 to 100°C, with distribution and uniformity below 1.5° in all models. The environmental units also feature a relative humidity range from 10-95%, ideal for testing products across the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and medical fields.

An ECO LCD control panel also simplifies controls for all the features in the BTM USA Climacell ECO Series. The display allows users to change humidity settings in 1% increments, constantly monitoring the chamber to maintain the desired climate.

With 5 different models to choose from, the BMT USA Climacell ECO Series also has a wide range of volumes. The smallest environmental chamber in the series has 3.9 ft³ on the interior, reaching 43 ft³ on the largest model.

The BMT USA Climacell ECO Series Stability Chamber includes 5 different models: the 111, 222, 404, 707, and 1212.