Tenney Upright Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber Series

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The Tenney Benchmaster Upright Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers are made to perform a dynamic range of temperature and humidity simulations. With built-in, one horsepower cascade refrigeration, and a two-kilowatt heating system, each model, the UTC, and the UTRC, supplies optional cooling and heating capabilities. The UTRC is the only chamber in the series capable of humidity tests.

The Watlow F4T profiling type dual-channel 1/4 DIN controller monitors temperature and humidity conditions. The test chambers have a vertical, compact design to minimize the floor space needed. The versatile five cubic foot internal chamber can host both small and large-sized test material. 

The UTC and UTRC models are a part of Tenney Environmental's Benchmaster Upright Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers UTC series.