BMT USA Climacell EVO 707 Environmental Chamber

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The BMT USA Climacell EVO 707 is a spacious environmental chamber that keeps both dependable temperature and humidity controls for product testing. The Climacell EVO 707 has a temperature range from 0°C to 100°C, keeping within 1° of the set temperature while in use. The stability chamber also remains versatile when it comes to humidity controls, offering a climate can reach from 10 to 95% humidity.

The incredibly wide interior in the BMT USA Climacell EVO 707 allows users to test a large number of products at the same time. With 25 cubic feet of volume, the environmental chamber is perfectly built for tests on bacteria, plant growth, cosmetics, and a plethora of other products. An LCD color touch screen makes it even easier to adjust the chamber's climate and test for many different environments.

The BMT USA Climacell EVO 707 Environmental Chamber is part of the BMT USA Climacell EVO Series.