BMT USA Climacell EVO Series Environmental Chamber

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The BMT USA Climacell EVO Series includes a variety of stability and stability chambers, offering reliable controls of both temperature and humidity. All chambers in the Climacell EVO Series maintain temperatures as low as 0°C and reaching a heat of 100°C at the highest temperature. The stability chambers also come ready with other climate controls, like humidity settings ranging from 10 to 95%.

Even with various climate options, the series maintains functionality with an LCD color touch screen that's easy to use for both professionals and anybody using the chambers for the first time. Whether using the units to test pharmaceuticals, plant growth, food packaging, or cosmetics, the BMT USA Climacell EVO Series has a perfectly-sized chamber. The smallest chamber in the Climacell EVO series still has a volume of 3.9 cubic feet, reaching 43 cubic feet of volume in the largest chamber.

The BMT USA Climacell EVO Series comes available in 5 different models: the 111, 222, 404, 707, and 1212.