Cincinnati Sub-Zero CT-8 Temperature/Humidity Chamber

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The Cincinnati Sub-Zero CT-8 Temperature/Humidity Chamber is a high-performance test chamber with fast change rates up to 25°C/min. That quality makes this instrument useful for both longer, traditional testing as well as accelerated stress testing. This chamber is tailored to meet performance criteria with high volume airflow, large horsepower compressors, and LN2 cooling. The Cincinnati Sub-Zero CT-8 offers heavy-duty construction and a variety of performance options while maintaining the precise temperature and humidity control essential for product testing.

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero CT-8 is designed with capabilities for humidity and moisture resistance testing, meeting many commercial and military standards. These qualities include a microprocessor direct RH Programming and control, a unique humidity generation system that provides fast response and tight control, and a humidity water demineralizer included to remove water impurities. This device operates within a humidity range of 10-98% RH.

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero CT-8 Temperature/Humidity Chamber is part of the CT-Series.