Com-Power AL-130 Active Loop Antenna

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Com-Power AL-130 Active Loop Antenna
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Com-Power AL-130
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AL-130 Datasheet

The Com-Power AL-130 is a broadband receiving loop antenna for operation in 10 kHz - 30 MHz frequency range. The antenna is designed for magnetic field measurements, utilizing a shielded loop. Its aluminum construction makes it light weight.

The AL-130 has a built in preamplifier which improves loop antenna sensitivity and makes antenna factor curve more flat. The preamplifier also provides an output matched to 50 Ω, so that it can be directly connected to any spectrum analyzer without an additional matching network.

Power to the preamplifier is supplied by rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries. The front panel controls and indicators for the preamplifier include a power switch, power on indicator, saturation indicator, battery status indicators and receptacle for a battery charger. For convenience the front panel also has receptacles for checking battery voltage. The battery takes about two hours to charge and can operate the antenna for 8 hours continuously when fully charged.
Com-Power AL-130 Features
  • Smooth Antenna Factor Curve
  • Battery Powered
  • Built in Preamplifier
  • Saturation Indicator
Com-Power AL-130 Specs
Frequency range 9 kHz to 30 MHz
Dynamic range 110 dB at 1 MHz
Sensitivity 10 dBµV/m at 1 MHz
Electric antenna factor 13 dB at 1 MHz
1 dB compression point 3 V/m
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Connector type BNC
Power 2 ea. 6V rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery cells
Weight 4 lbs
Loop diameter 19 inches
Dimensions 9" x 5 x 7" max.(Amplifier Housing)