Espec BTX-475 Temperature and Humidity Benchtop Chamber

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Rent Espec BTX-475 Temperature and Humidity Benchtop Chamber
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Espec BTX-475
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BTX-475 Datasheet
The extended temperature ranges of the Espec BTX-475 Temperature and Humidity Benchtop Chamber make testing at extreme conditions possible without buying a larger, stand-alone chamber. The BTX-475 can cycle temperatures at rates up to 5°C/minute without requiring liquid nitrogen. Significant test time can be saved, as well as creating added thermal stress on your samples. To demonstrate performance, ESPEC uses the international standard IEC 60068 3-5 measured at the supply air. Temperature cycles are run from hot to cold extremes, and the middle 80% of the transition is timed to determine performance. Your actual cycling results will vary depending on methodology, including the start and end temperatures, and the amount of samples loaded.
Espec BTX-475 Features
  • Stainless steel exterior and durable thermoformed plastic door
  • Full thermal break around door frame
  • One 50mm (2") diameter cable port on left, with flexible silicone plug
  • Three levels of overheat protection
  • 208V main power for BTX-475 model
  • High performance and quiet operation (65 dBa)
  • Easy lift-off service panels
Espec BTX-475 Specs
Temperature Range: -70 to 180°C (-100 to 354°F)
Change Rate: 2.75°C/m heat-up
2.5°C/m cool-down
Temperature Fluctuation: ± 0.5°C, per IEC 60068 3-5
Temperature Gradient: ± 1.5°C (up to 100°C), per IEC 60068 3-6
Live Load Capacity: 300 W to -40°C
Humidity Range: 10 to 95% RH, per chart below
Humidity Fluctuation: ±5% RH per IEC 60068 3-5 except measured in supply air
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