Espec BTZ-4200 Compact Temperature Cycling Chamber

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The Espec BTZ-4200 Compact Temperature Cycling Chamber takes advantage of compact, modern scroll compressors to bring fast temperature cycling to small form factor. The Espec BTZ-4200 temperature chamber can cycle through temperatures at rates of up to 15°C/minute without requiring cooling water or liquid nitrogen. BTZ-4200 units can achieve low temperatures of -70°C and on the high end 180°C. To demonstrate performance, Espec BTZ-4200 chambers use the international standard IEC 60068 3-5, measured at the supply air. Temperature cycles are run from hot to cold extremes, and the middle 80% of the transition is timed to determine performance. Your actual cycling results will vary depending on methodology, including the start and end temperatures, and the amount of samples loaded. 

The Espec BTZ-4200 Compact Temperature Cycling Chamber is based on Espec's space-saving Criterion benchtop series. Its footprint is just 31" x 45". Because it is so small and only requires only electrical utilities, it may be the ultimate portable temperature cycling chamber.