Cincinnati Sub-Zero TCB-1.3 Benchtop Vibration Table

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Rent Cincinnati Sub-Zero TCB-1.3 Benchtop Vibration Table
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Cincinnati Sub-Zero TCB-1.3
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TCB-1.3 Datasheet
The Cincinnati Sub-Zero TCB-1.3 Benchtop Vibration Table is ideal for reliability testing of compact products and electronics. It may be used as a stand-alone vibration table for vibration testing or placed inside an environmental chamber for combined vibration & temperature testing offering flexibility and greater return on investment.

Equipped with an all-axis vibration system, the TCB-1.3 utilizes four pneumatically-actuated vibration hammers providing 6 dof, random vibration with x, y, z axis and roll, pitch and yaw rotation. The chamber comes standard with two accelerometers, one for control and one vibration monitor with a range of 1 to 60 GRMs.
Cincinnati Sub-Zero TCB-1.3 Features
  • Dual-purpose design allows for use as benchtop vibration chamber or with a Temperature Chamber for combined temperature & vibration testing. Design includes a removable lid & easy-lift off control console to allow the tablebase to be placed inside a typical 16 cu. ft. (456L) or larger chamber.
  • Utilizing random vibration technology combined with an environmental chamber, provides an economical method to perform combined temperature/vibration testing.
  • Quiet operation
  • Includes the EZT-430i touch-screen controller with state-of-the art features including VibTrak™ software to operate both the CSZ environmental chamber and benchtop table. Software also includes the ability to generate PSD curves.