Tenney Junior Compact Temperature Test Chamber

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The Tenney Jr thermal chamber series is a line of temperature test chambers with a standard temperature range of -75 to 200°C. Tenney Jr temperature chambers come as both compact bench-top models and large floor-standing chambers. Manufacturers in the defense, aerospace, automotive, electrical, biomedical, and R&D fields rely on Tenney Junior chambers for environmental testing, taking advantage of the chambers’ compact size and powerful performance specifications to perform sophisticated environmental resistance tests.

Tenney Jr compact temperature test chambers lead the market in temperature testing features. All Tenney Jr models are structurally reinforced at vital points with vapor-tight stainless-steel interiors that have been continuously welded. The thermal chamber is surrounded by fiberglass insulation, which enhances the chamber’s insulating characteristics, and resulting in minimized thermal transfer. Users control temperature conditions with a Watlow F4T profiling type, dual-channel, ¼ DIN chamber controller. Graphical trends and data logging are also available with the Watlow F4T.

Environmental test personnel choose Tenney Jr thermal chambers because they’re affordable, save space, guarantee maximized performance with a vapor-tight interior, and offer an easy to use controller.