TPS Tenney JR Compact Junior Temperature Chamber

Rent TPS Tenney JR Compact Junior Temperature Chamber
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Tenney TPS Tenney JR
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TPS Tenney JR Datasheet
The Tenney Jr benchtop is a portable, self-contained, temperature-controlled test chamber. Compact exterior dimensions, in combination with ample interior workspace, make this chamber ideal for laboratory testing. The Tenney Jr is well-suited for use in electronic, military, and pharmaceutical quality assurance and reliability testing, as well as research testing and production processes. As specified, the chamber is mechanically refrigerated by means of single or cascade systems of time proven design.
  • TempGuard III
  • VersaTenn Digital Programmer
  • Kent / Taylor 24hr Chart Recorder - Type P105M/1/000
  • LN2 boost
Tenney TPS Tenney JR Features
  • Vapor tight interior made of 100% stainless steel
  • Non-settling, asbestos-free insulation
  • Control tolerance of &dplsmn;0.3°C
  • Hermetic refrigeration system
  • Low mass nichrome, open wire heating system
  • NEC wiring compliance
  • Vertical-down recirculating conditioning system
  • Double silicon gaskets on doors
  • IEEE/488 interface
  • LinkTenn software for Windows that permits your computer to control up to 10 chambers
  • RS422, 423, 232, or 485 interface assemblies
  • Upgrade to VersaTenn
  • Event relay board
  • Viewing window, 6" x 8", thermally insulated and heated (no manual wiper required)
  • Interior lighting
  • Shelving, adjustable and removable
  • Automatic CO2 or LN2 cooling boost system
  • Automating boost heating system
  • Thermocouple or electrical feed through terminals
  • GN2 purge system
  • Refrigeration taps and pressure gauges
  • Recording instruments
  • Redundant thermal protection and alarm system
  • Chamber cart with casters
  • Alternate power supply wiring
Tenney TPS Tenney JR Specs
Workspace 15 5/8" W x 11" D x 11 3/4" H
Exterior 36 3/4 W x 22 1/2" D x 30 1/2" H
Temp Range -75°C to +200°C
Unit Weight 200 lbs
IEEE/488 interface
Refrigeration (2) ½ HP + ⅓ HP
Heater Capacity 500 W
AMPS @ 115V, 1Ø 18
AMPS Fuse 20
Unit Weight 260 lbs