Espec BTZ-475 Thermal Chamber

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The Espec BTZ-475 Thermal Chamber is compactly designed with extended testing ranges. The Espec BTZ-475 can be configured to accommodate specific testing requirements and their narrow footprint saves lab space. Espec uses the international standard IEC 60068 3-5 measured at the supply air to power the faster temperature changes the Espec BTZ-475 can provide. Temperature cycles are run from hot to cold extremes, and the middle 80% of the transition is timed to determine performance. Actual cycling results will vary depending on methodology, including the start and end temperatures, and the number of samples loaded.

Powered by the Criterion platform, the Espec BTZ-475 chamber has been re-engineered from the ground-up to be reliable, consistent, and user-friendly. Each chamber features a stainless-steel exterior and interior, rounded corners for easy cleaning, full thermal break around the doorframe and door, and dual-layer insulation of fiberglass and foam for thermal integrity. All these qualities contribute to the power and efficiency of these thermal chambers.

The Espec BTZ-475 Thermal Chamber is part of the BTZ series.