ETS Lindgren HI-6100 Field Probes

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ETS Lindgren HI-6100 Field Probes are laser-powered electric field probes designed to test for electromagnetic fields with wide EMF coverage and wide dynamic range. All ETS Lindgren HI-6100 field probes listed below are single range probes with the capacity to father data continuously over a wide dynamic range. Operators can gather data from all three axis (XYZ) or record a comprehensive field reading. Fiber links allow the HI-6100 field probes to connect to a HI-6100 field monitor and directly to one's PC.
Model Frequency Range Dynamic Range
ETS Lindgren HI-6105 100kHz - 6GHz 5 - 800V/m
ETS Lindgren HI-6122 10kHz - 1GHz 2 - 800V/m
ETS Lindgren HI-6153 10MHz - 40GHz 2 - 800V/m