Fluke Norma 4000, N4K High Precision Power Analyzer

Fluke Norma 4000 Power Analyzer
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Fluke Norma 4000
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Norma 4000 Datasheet
Ideal for field testing, the Fluke Norma 4000 Three-Phase Precision Power Analyzer offers easy and straight-forward operation with unmatched price performance. Features include: 1 to 3 power phases, 5.7" / 144 mm color display, harmonic analysis, scope mode, vector diagram display, recorder function, Fluke NormaView PC software and expandable 4 MB RAM data memory.
Fluke Norma 4000 Features
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry and saves working space.
  • Simple user interface ensures easy, intuitive operation.
  • A variety of standard configurations allows users to choose the exact functionality required for their unique application.
  • Simultaneous parallel acquisition of all phases allows accurate viewing of dynamic events on all phases at exactly the same point in time.
  • All inputs are galvanically isolated to avoid short circuits in all applications.
  • Voltage, current and power harmonics measured up to the 40th harmonic for complete analysis.
  • FFT analysis, vector diagram, and Digital Oscilloscope (DSO) mode included in the base unit for complete analysis capability.
  • User-selectable average time – from 15ms up to 3600s – for dynamic measurements.
  • 4 MB on-board memory (expandable to 128 MB) for storage of measured values.
  • Fast and easy connection to a PC – RS232 and USB included as standard; optional IEEE488, Ethernet, or USB2.0.
  • PI1 process interface to measure torque and speed with external sensors, plus four analog outputs for easy use on motor and drive applications.
  • 341kHz or 1 MHz sample rates for detailed signal analysis.
  • Bandwidth from dc to 3 MHz / 10 MHz for reliable measurement precision.
  • Fluke NormaView PC software for data download, analysis & report writing.
Fluke Norma 4000 Specs
  • Number of phases: 1 or 3
  • Bandwidth: dc to 3 MHz or dc to 10 MHz depending on input module
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.2%, 0.1% or 0.03% depending on input modules
  • Voltage Input Range: 0.3 to 1000 V
  • Current Input Range: 0.03 mA - 20 A depending on input modules
  • Interface: RS232