General Radio W10HG3M 3 Phase Variac

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The Werlatone W11101-22 RF Digital RF Power Meter is a combination dual-directional coupler, dual channel power meter and dual power sensor with an 80-1000 MHz frequency range and an output power of 2500 W. Werlatone W11101-22 RF power meters conduct both local and remote tests instantaneously, displaying forward and reverse power readings on a digital screen. Temperature monitoring is accomplished through one internal sensor within the power meter and one external sensor placed by the operator, as well as an additional sensor to read line pressure temperature. Werlatone W11101-22 units feature several general purpose inputs including track switch closures, a trigger alarm relay, an RF presence status alarm and an activated switch alarm. VSWR reading is offered to aid in assessing power efficiency and operators can even set a VSWR alarm to detect VSWR anomalies.