Phase Perfect PT-330 Digital Phase Converter

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Phase Perfect PT-330 Digital Phase Converter represents the ultimate technology for converting single-phase electrical power to three- phase electrical power. In fact, the three-phase power produced by Phase Perfect is often superior in power quality to utility supplied three-phase. Phase Perfect ® utilizes the latest advan ces in solid state power switching technology. Unlike rotary phase converters, it does not rely on a motor to generate a voltage. Proprietary software controls power switching devices that generate three-phase power with much more precision and efficiency. Its patented design makes it unlike any other phase converter.

Phase Perfect PT-330 Features:

  • Balanced three-phase voltages
  • High efficiency
  • Electronic power factor correction
  • High momentary overload current capacity
  • Automatic brownout and over-voltage protection
  • Fault protection and overload protection
  • Built-in motor starter capability
  • Clean power fed back to utility grid from three-phase generating loads
  • 50 or 60 Hz input frequency allows operation anywhere in the world