Square D EE112 Dry Type Transformer

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The Square D EE112 Dry Type Transformer is a three-phase NEMA 2-protected energy efficiency transformer which provides a rated power of 112.5 kVA, a primary voltage of 480V and a secondary voltage of 120V. A smaller total area is used, with 3 inches dedicated for clearance from ventilated openings, reducing distance from the wall to the front of the device. Technicians seeking to install other Square D equipment will find the Square D EE112 Dry Type Transformer the perfect size to handle lug kits. A bending radius is provided for 250% primary cables and multiple feeds via increased wiring compartments. To feed standard and non-linear cables, all units have 200% neutral. Power conservation, management and monitoring products, systems and services helps to reduce energy consumption in business and industry environments. Refer to datasheet for specifications on the 22D enclosure.