Square D EE112 Dry Type Transformer

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Square D EE112T3HFISNLP Dry Type Transformer
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Schneider Electric EE112
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EE112 Datasheet
The Square D EE112 Dry Type Transformer is a three-phase NEMA 2-protected energy efficiency transformer which provides a rated power of 112.5 kVA, a primary voltage of 480V and a secondary voltage of 120V. A smaller total area is used, with 3 inches dedicated for clearance from ventilated openings, reducing distance from the wall to the front of the device. Technicians seeking to install other Square D equipment will find the Square D EE112 Dry Type Transformer the perfect size to handle lug kits. A bending radius is provided for 250% primary cables and multiple feeds via increased wiring compartments. To feed standard and non-linear cables, all units have 200% neutral. Power conservation, management and monitoring products, systems and services helps to reduce energy consumption in business and industry environments. Refer to datasheet for specifications on the 22D enclosure.
Schneider Electric EE112 Specs
Box Number 21D
NEMA Protection NEMA 2
Insulation Temperature 428 °F (220 °C)
Phase 3 Phase
Rated Power 112.5kVA
Primary Voltage 480V
Secondary Voltage 120V