Staco 5021CT-2S Variable Transformer

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Staco 5021CT-2S
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The Staco 5021CT-2S Variable Transformer is designed to control large KVA requirements. The 5021CT-2S operates on 240 volts and constant current of 28 amperes. The 5021CT-2S allows output voltage from 0 to line voltage or 17% above line voltage. It can be operated at frequencies between 50 and 400 Hertz with a rating at higher than rated frequency.
Staco 5021CT-2S Specs
Wiring: Series
Input: Volts 240 V
Hertz 50/60 Hz
Output: Volts 0-560 V
Max Amps 28-12 V.D.
Max kVA 6.8‡
Shaft Rotation For Voltage Increase: CW
Terminal Connections: Input 5-5
Output 3-3
Schematic: 20 & 4
Net Weight in LBS (MAX): Manual 134
Motor Driven 155