Hilo-Test IPG 2554 Oscillatory Wave Generator

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The Hilo-Test IPG 2554 Oscillatory Wave Generator has been designed to assess the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment to repetitive damped oscillatory waves according to IEC 61000-4-18 requirements. The Hilo-Test IPG 2554 generates a decaying sine waveform with a ringing frequency range from 100 kHz to 30 MHz. These waveforms represent disturbances occurring in power, control and signal cables installed in high voltage and medium voltage stations and in heavy industrial installations. Hilo-Test IPG 2554 Oscillatory Wave Generators feature a microprocessor-controlled user interface and display unit for ease of use. The microprocessor allows the user to execute either standard test routines or a user-defined test sequence. The test parameters, which are shown on the built-in display, are easily adjusted by means of the rotary encoder. A standard parallel interface provides the ability to print a summary of the test parameters while testing is being carried out. Moreover, all generator functions, including the settings of the built-in Coupling-/Decoupling Network may be computer controlled via the isolated optical interface. The software program OW-REMOTE allows full remote control of the test generator via Ethernet light guide as well as documentation and evaluation of test results, accordingly to the IEC 17025. To record definite impulses, Hilo-Test IPG 2554 units are equipped with an Impulse Recording Function (IRF).